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Since 1996, One North Star, Inc. has established itself as the premiere cleaning service in the Chicagoland area. As the highly competitive market has sharpened our skills, we have kept many satisfied customers. Attention to the process of understanding a task, a system, and a marketplace is of critical importance in developing a reputation and eventual success in the maintenance industry.

A collective 57 years experience in the management of people, the technologies involved in presenting a "best foot forward" image in all properties serviced, and a high level of integrity make One North Star, Inc. a company for consideration. We truly understand the management point of view that tenants spaces and common areas should sparkle.

Every One North Star, Inc. account displays a vivid example of quality cleaning, dedication, and follow-through. This aspect, above all else, requires that service be top-notch in the competitive environment of Chicagoland cleaning contractors.


Why One North Star, Inc.

Our objective is to give our customers quality service that conforms to their requirements. We bring our clients the knowledge and experience, to properly and economically, clean their facilities. Our service is the most efficient and effective for your cleaning dollar. We do this by continuously improving our training, service and communication process. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of excellence to insure that our clients are always receiving the best service possible.

Employee appearance

Our outstanding reputation starts with our employees. For good production, the machine must function well. Our employees must always keep their uniforms and persons presentable at all times to show their company's ability in the janitorial services.


All employees are carefully interviewed, screened, reference-checked and bonded.


We will provide all necessary, appropriately tested and approved equipment. We believe it is important to protect the health of building occupants, visitors and cleaning personnel, as well as reducing polluting effect on our air and water. All products we use are "green" products; however, we believe that green cleaning is more than just using "green" products. Our green cleaning encompasses a total program including chemicals, procedures, and equipment.

eco-cleaning2Green Cleaning

In a world of new environmental knowledge, green is the way to go. Green cleaning refers to using cleaning methods and products with environmentally friendly ingredients designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. Green cleaning techniques and products avoid the use of chemically reactive and toxic products which can infect the Earth's ecosystem and get in our drinking water. Not only does green cleaning reduce the affect on the Earth, but harsh chemicals no longer absorb into our skin or linger in the air. Changing to greener methods not only reduces those factors, but also prevents harsh chemical burns. Using eco-friendly products are good for the environment, good for us and most importantly good for you.

Green cleaning also affects the way the cleaning products are manufactured, packaged, and distributed. The whole process is environmentally friendly, and all products are biodegradable, making One North Star Inc. an eco-friendly cleaning company.

Here are 7 reasons as to why you should choose One North Star for commercial cleaning in Chicago:

  • Skilled professionals - We provide extensive training to guarantee top of the line cleaning services. Our dedicated staff is always ready to take that extra mile to make our customers happy.
  • Reputation - One North Star’s reputation in Chicago is known for over the top cleaning services.
  • Dedication - Our goal is to simplify our client’s lives by saving valuable time and taking cleaning off of your to-do list.
  • Hard Work - Our mission is to ensure quality work with our focus set on outstanding customer service, eco-friendly practices, and attention to detail.
  • Specialized Cleaning - We offer specialized cleaning services for construction sites and medical offices.
  • Cleaning Audits - To ensure our staff is aiming for quality cleaning, we conduct random cleaning quality audits.
  • Security - For our client’s peace of mind, our staff agrees to background checks and drug testing.
  • Cost Effective - Our services are available at very reasonable and competitive rates. Also, we do not believe in hidden fees.